After two failed attempts at playing the fixture, Huddersfield were victorious against their West Yorkshire rivals and booked their record-breaking place in the semi-final of the FAWNL Cup competition.

  • Town face Liverpool Feds in Semi-Final
  • Elford hat-trick and Sanderson on scoresheet.
  • Town’s first win against Brighouse this season.
Kate Mallin thinks while in tema huddle

The game started in a blustery wind and driving rain and, things didn’t get better from there. As the match progressed the conditions and the pitch got worse but, Huddersfield Town adapted the better of the two teams and in the end, ran out comfortable winners.

Playing against the wind in the first half the opening ten minutes were evenly balanced with neither side creating any clear cut chances. In the 12th minute, Bethan Davies was called into action and managed to punch away an inswinging corner on the wind.

Brighouse took the lead just two minutes later when a miscontrol (caused by the deteriorating pitch) allowed Drew Green to run through on goal unopposed and she finished well into the corner past Davies, 1-0.

Town were not fazed and continued to try to work hard, play their brand of football and push Brighouse back with their high press. In the 23rd minute came a moment of (in the eyes of Brighouse) controversy. The ball hit the referee and, despite protests from Brighouse, she gave the restart to Huddersfield. Town immediately played the ball forward through the channels and it arrived at Laura Elford on the edge of the Brighouse area. Without taking a breath she smashed a right footed shot into the top left hand corner of the Brighouse goal, 1-1.

Mia Parry almost doubled Town’s lead but her effort went just wide of the Brighouse goal.

On the half hour mark Elford got her second of the game, this time finishing into the top right hand corner and, giving the Brighouse keeper no chance.

Half time came with the scoreline unchanged, 1-2.

Town against Brighouse Town

Town came out in the second half and totally dominated possession, pressing Brighouse back into their own half and not allowing them out. Elford and Parry both had shots which missed their target but, Town continued their press.

On the hour mark, a cross came back out to the right wing and Kate Mallin recycled the ball and played in a low cross which Brittany Sanderson glanced home with a fine diving header, 1-3.

Six minutes later and both teams were reduced to 10 players, as Georgia Marshall and Annabelle Cass came together and Cass slid into the pitch railings. Cass grabbed Marshall by the throat and Marshall retaliated.

Elford had the last word and completed her hat-trick in the 90th minute with another well taken goal, this time low into the bottom corner of the Brighouse Town net.
A dominant display from Town, who will travel to Liverpool Feds for the semi final on March 6th.


HTWFC – 100k in 30 Days Challenge

HTWFC 100K in 30 Days Challenge

HTWFC’s “100k’s in 30 days”.

It’s as it says on the tin. Players and coaches will run, walk, cycle or swim 100 kilometres in 30 days to help raise money for the club.

Why are we doing this?
Huddersfield Town Women is a self funding club and relies on support from club events, families and friends during the season.

We understand that things are difficult for everyone and any help or donation, however small, is greatly appreciated.

Everyone will record their progress and all the money raised will be used to help the club as part of the 2020/2021 season.

You may be contacted by players, but if not and you are interested in donating then please contact:

Chairman: David Mallin
Mob : 07801 901346

Your help and support is appreciated by everyone at the club.

HTWFC 100K in 30 Days Challenge



After a turbulent start to his time at the club due to COVID-19, we caught up with Jordan Wimpenny to hear his views on the FA’s decision to void the season, what he expects from 2020/21 and much more.

Q – What’s your take on the FA announcement to void the season?

The FA have had to make a difficult decision which has impacted a lot of clubs which I can appreciate is difficult however for us it’s an opportunity to recharge, regroup, reflect and prepare ready for the season ahead. 

Q – New managers don’t usually have so much time to get to know a squad, is the time away from the pitch beneficial?

As the new manager of this squad coming in at such a time is definitely a little different however this is a valuable time to make contact and touch bases with players to have those important discussions to allow them to know my intentions going forward. It also gives me and the other staff members a lot of time to plan, implement, prepare and review the season. This is time, I’m sure many other managers would agree, is valuable when we operate in a society that’s always 100mph. 

Q – The players and yourself have taken to many ‘quarantine challenges’, how else are you keeping busy?

It’s important to keep the players engaged and focused, to keep their minds stimulated and to not let any bad habits form away from the club whilst we have this time away. It’s a good way to keep the social element between the squad. Personally, I am keeping busy through a lot of behind the scenes work for next season, exercising regularly and enjoying time to do the things we wouldn’t always get to do when at home. Keeping in contact with family and those close in this difficult time.

Q – With no group training, how is the team keeping fit and healthy during the isolation period?

Keeping fit and healthy in this time is key even if the start of the season seems along way away to keep yourself in shape and remain motivated is so important. The players have been doing home workouts, going for a run/cycle, the sessions consist of light weight sessions, HIIT sessions and resistant band work. 

Q- Social media must be playing a big part in the squad staying connected?

Social media has played a huge positive role during this time as the players can keep in contact with each other through video calls, we can share ideas, challenge each other and just check in making sure that everyone is staying safe. 

Q – But would you urge fans to put that to one side and make full use of the government’s exercise ruling?

We all must be following the government guidelines, the sooner we do then the sooner we can get back out on the pitch. I hope all our current and new supporters are staying safe during this time, that their families are staying safe and are all ok. We look forward to seeing them all when we are back. 

Q – Let’s talk a bit more about you. How did you get into coaching?

I have a huge passion for football, I have always wanted to develop players and I personally have a huge drive for winning. I could not see myself doing anything else but working in football. I have been fortunate enough to work with some very good coaches which have helped my own experiences. 

Q – How do you plan on using your past experience(s) to help bring immediate success to the team?

I have a unique philosophy/style of play that’s different to most of the teams in the league. I have been planning and preparing to build a successful team and, with the players we have, I know what we are capable of as a squad. 

Q – Given that no one knows when next season will begin, it may be hard to set goals and targets so early on, but what will you be expecting to achieve next season?

Some may say it is but personally I don’t think it is, to have a vision or goal in your mind is key, to work towards and prepare for regardless of time scales. I want to achieve as much as I can this coming season with the squad and I’m excited to see the results on the pitch.

Q – This season has been the first in many where league standing and performances stagnated, are you confident of getting that consistent winning feeling back?

We will use our pre-season to build momentum going into that all important first fixture. Every training session, every game must be taken one step at a time to ensure consistency and our own standards remain that of high quality. 

Q – Is there a message you want to give to the fans?

I have witnessed the support of the fans over the last season and can’t thank them enough for their constant support. I hope that all our fans are staying safe during this time and are looking forward to coming back next season. I myself am looking forward to welcoming back our current fans but also excited to gain new ones but until then look after one another.

Q – Finally, a word to the brave workers in the NHS?

Each day the NHS are working tirelessly to ensure that people are safe and are provided with the best medical care during this time. We must consider their own personal lives surrounding this time as it will be difficult for them just like it is for us and I applaud their work, care and skills for what they are doing for all those people out there, keep up the good work we all are very grateful for what you have done. 


The official YouTube channel of HTWFC

HTW FC - YouTube Channel Launched

The official YouTube channel of HTWFC and the only place to watch all of our video-based content as soon as it goes live!

Our first video is our 2019/20 goals compilation.

To celebrate the launch of our YouTube channel, the first 100 people to subscribe to the page will be entered into a draw to win a free season ticket for 2020/21!

Follow the link below and comment your favourites!




FA Non-League Football Update

National League System

The NLS and the women’s football pyramid were able to build a consensus amongst their leagues and, where possible, aimed to create a consistent approach across all leagues, whilst taking into account the unique characteristics of each individual league.

As a result, The FA and NLS steps three to six have reached a consensus that their 2019-20 season will now be brought to an end, and all results will be expunged. 


Details of COVID-19 can be found on the NHS website:



HTWFC – #LooRollChallenge


HTWFC Juniors have been keeping themselves entertained during the recent social isolation measures.

Think you can do better ?
Set yourself the challenge and get it posted up online.

During this time HTWFC would like to remind everyone to stay at home, keep washing their hands, and make an effort to save lives as well as help take the pressure off the NHS.

Details of COVID-19 can be found on the NHS website: